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I reserve the right to update this agreement with or without prior notice at any time for any reason I see fit. These terms may be modified at any time and all visitors previous and new are subject to the latest terms posted here at all times. By downloading or taking anything from the site you, or by accessing this site you agree to the following terms.

Direct Linking

Direct linking anything from this site is theft, and shall be treated as such. My records show the website addresses of any site which direct links anything from this site, so I can easily trace the owner of the site, and contact their host to have the issue resolved.

Distribution and Usage

Distribution of any part of, or content on Hakanai Paper, is strictly forbidden. Usage of content on Hakanai Paper is strictly personal, no profitable or commercial usage is allowed! You must give adequate credit where required, no credit information may be edited or moved within any distributed content. You must not use any of my resources to create your own resources to distribute.


You must not replicate any content on this site in direct or in-direct form, i.e. you cannot directly take content from this site and claim it as yours, nor can you take content from the site, re-write it and claim it is yours. You may also not base anything on content from this site and create it in your own method as it is still considered plagiarism.


You may use the PNGs/Renders to make your own graphics however a credit/link back to Hakanai Paper is required if you use any of my PNGs. Do not steal the thumbnails/preview images, please. If you choose to submit PNGs you must be the creator, not stolen submissions!

If you use the PNGs to make a pre-made layout, it is preferred that you place the credit in the actual layout (eg: “PNG from Hakanai Paper” on the navigation or in the contents section) rather than in your main site’s credits section.


After learning something from a tutorial on Hakanai Paper, you must not rewrite the tutorial ‘in your own way’ or write a similar tutorial based on anything you have learned from a tutorial on Hakanai Paper. Unless you are the original author, tutorials are to be on Hakanai-paper.net only, don’t put them up on other places (e.g. your site, forums). No plagiarism of textual materials such as tutorials and writings.

External Links

Hakanai Paper is not liable for any content on external sites, which I may link to. The views of the members of said external sites do not necessarily reflect the views of Hakanai Paper.


This website’s content and design, which includes but is not limited to WordPress, graphics, copy, and scripts, and plugins are the exclusive property of this site unless otherwise stated and are Copyright © 2016 – 2018 Brandi. All rights reserved. By viewing any pages owned by this site, you acknowledge that you have agreed to the terms and conditions listed on this page. If for any reason you do not agree with these terms, then you are not permitted to view this website.

Although our site graphics may contain copyrighted works, we lay claim only and explicitly to the arrangements, layout, and designs used by those images. Graphics submitted by site users are copyrighted to those users, however, any copyrighted work within their submissions is copyright to its respective owner(s).

Hakanai Paper cannot be held liable for any copyright infringement within a user-submitted graphic. I do not own any of the art I use for graphics, nor do I own any art on this site unless otherwise stated. All content and material on this site is copyrighted to Hakanai Paper unless stated otherwise. Graphics are not meant to infringe any copyrights; they are simply here for enjoyment. Please respect the site and my efforts by not stealing and/or claiming anything as your own. Characters, Anime, Manga, and Games belong to their respected owners.