Terms Of Usage

Please read the following terms before downloading or taking anything from the site. By accessing this site you agree to the follow these rules:

  • Do not direct-link anything from this site. Please upload all images to your own hosting.
  • Secondly, do not hotlink! It kills my host’s bandwidth which costs money.
  • You must link back/credit to Hakanai Paper if you use anything on the site.
  • Do not claim graphics as yours or redistribute elsewhere.
  • Please don’t abuse the chatbox.


  • Icon bases are allowed to be altered.
  • You cannot redistribute them.
  • Credit back is required if used.

Icon Textures/PSDs

  • You may use the Textures/PSDs to add effects to your icons.
  • You cannot redistribute them.
  • Credit back is required if used.


  • You may use the pngs/renders to make your own graphics
  • Credit/link back to Hakanai Paper if you use any of the PNGs.
  • Do not redistribute the PNGs.
  • Do not take the PNGs and claim them as your own.
  • Do not use the PNGs commercially.
  • Do not steal thumbnails/previews, please.
  • You are allowed to remove the watermark, just credit back.
  • If you choose to submit pngs you must be the creator, not stolen submissions!
  • If you use the PNGs to make a pre-made layout, it is preferred that you place the credit in the actual layout (eg: “PNG from Hakanai Paper” on the navigation or in the contents section) rather than in your main site’s credits section.

I do not own any of the art I use for graphics, nor do I own any art on this site unless otherwise stated. All content and material on this site is copyrighted to Hakanai Paper unless stated otherwise. Graphics are not meant to infringe any copyrights; they are simply here for enjoyment. Please respect the site and my efforts by not stealing and/or claiming anything as your own. Characters, Anime, Manga, and Games belong to their respected owners.