Frequently Asked Question

You should find your questions answered here. If you don’t, please drop me a message and I’ll get back to you.


Q. Why are some of the PNGs/Renders so large?
A. I try to extract large images for people who will use the PNGs/Renders to make wallpapers or layout headers. If you’re making wallpapers you would want a large high quality PNG/Render, so that’s why I try to keep them as large as possible.


Q. Can I make a request?
A. Sure I accept requests, if you want Icon Bases or PNGs/Renders of a certain person or series, or want a PNG/Render extracted for you may request it, and I’ll have it to you in a few days. Don’t be afraid to request a character/series you see here already.


Q. Can I submit PNGs/Renders?
That’s great, you’d like to submit PNGs to Hakanai Paper! And don’t worry, full credit will be given.

BUT please keep in mind:

  • The PNG(s) must be extracted by you.
  • Your PNG(s) must be a transparent *.png file! (Seem silly but I’ve received some interesting submissions.)
  • If you are submitting more than 5, put in a zip file, upload it somewhere and send me the link or email me.
  • If you don’t want to do zip files, please put all the URLs in the Message box, separated by commas.
  • Please state where you found the image(s) and the respective series it is/they are from.


Q. I’d like to see more of [insert name].
A.Try submitting a request.


Q. Do I have to link back?
A. Yes, it is required you give credit, since the admin of Hakanai Paper worked hard to supply visitors graphic goodness.


Q. Are you alive?
A. Yes, if you don’t see updates for a while, that might mean something more important is taking up my time.It also might be that I’m just too lazy to update.


Q. Will you help me with [insert problem]?
A. Maybe. It depends on the problem, and it depends on who you are. If I like you, then yes, I will do all I can to help!


Q. You haven’t replied to my email…
A. I check my email almost everyday, it could be that I haven’t received it because my email forwarder sends mail from my sites to the junk/spam bin sometimes. So if I haven’t replied in over 3 days, please send it again.


Q. I’d like to be friends with you!!!
A. Maybe. But first, I need to know that you exist. Contact me and we’ll talk!


Q. Will you accept donations?
Yes, if you can and want, you can donate via Paypal. All contributions towards the site will go towards paying for the website hosting.