About The Site

Hakanai Paper was created October 6, 2015 and is a site that offers PNGs/Renders only. This site aims to give anime lovers and design enthusiasts quality PNGs/Renders for their personal usage. It is owned and maintained by me–Brandi, a anime & manga enthusiast. PNGs are my speciality and have always been an obsession of mine to collect and create.

The Creator

Name: Brandi
Occupation: Graphic & Web Designer
Birthday: March 28th
Location: Chicago
Website: PortfolioEmail

Background: My passion for web/graphic design has grown ever since I discovered coding when I was 12 years old and anime in my childhood. I’m a Graphic Designer with a Bachelor’s in Visual Communications. I’ve been active in the anime graphics community since 2003. I decided to use my passion and skills to open a website to connect with other anime designers. Hakanai Paper is a creative outlet for me.

Interests: Movies, video games, anime, manga, drawing, photography, designing, and specific practices involve collecting books.

For more inquiries about the site please check the FAQ. Feel free to send a quick message and contact me with any queries or for random shout-outs and not-so urgent messages, please use the chatbox instead. I do appreciate the generous contributions from my supporters to present everyone with more PNGs, so thank you very much!

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