About The Site

Hakanai Paper is a Anime PNGs archive created by Brandi on October 6th, 2016. The site’s aim is to provide anime, manga and games high-quality PNGs and Icon resources for designers and visitors in the online anime community.

I do appreciate the generous contributions for those who donate via Paypal for website hosting, which allows me to continually provide more PNGs. Thank you! Any form of support is appreciated! For more inquiries about the site please check the FAQ. Feel free to ask me anything if the question is not listed from there.

About The Owner

Birthday: March 28th
Location: United States
Loves: Anime, manga, coffee, video games, cats, music, food, art, reading
Hates: Tree nuts, heights, bugs, rushing
Other Websites: Portfolio, Facebook, InstagramMyAnimeList

Hi, I’m Brandi a graphic designer. I’ve been designing since 2003. I enjoy reading manga and watching anime. PNGs have always been an obsession of mine to collect and also to make myself and share with others. I simply love extracting images. Not sure myself why, but I find it fun. The only things that I can’t have “designer’s block” is on PNGs and Icons.

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