Hakanai Paper is a PNG design resource site theming primarily on anime & manga japanese art, and video games.This site aims to give anime lovers and design enthusiasts quality PNGs/renders and graphics with original design ideas for their personal usage.It is owned and maintained by Brandi a anime-manga enthusiast from the United States. PNGs are HER speciality and have always been an obsession of hers to collect and create. It was founded on October 6, 2015.  So, enjoy your stay and I do hope that you come back and support the other upcoming updates in the future.

The Owner

Name: Brandi
Birthday: 28th March
Location: Chicago
Networks: [ Facebook ] [ Instagram ] [ MyAnimeList ] [ Portfolio ] [ Email ]

Background: My passion for web and design has grown ever since I discovered HTML/CSS when I was 12 years old and anime at age 7. I’m a Graphic Designer with a BS in Visual Communications. I’ve been active in the anime graphics community since 2003. I decided to use my passion and skills to open a website to connect with others just like me. Hakanai Paper is a place for me to experiment in different aspects of graphic design and web design. Learning new things and having a creative outlet.

Interests: I love movies, video games, and anime. Other things that I love — good books, pastel colors, and drinking coffee for every occasion. Enjoys drawing, photography, designing, eating (lots) and specific practices involve collecting books and designing.

Feel free to send a quick message and contact me with any queries or for random shout-outs and not-so urgent messages, please use the chatbox instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1) Can we Link Exchange?

Sure, just go to the Contact form page and apply.

2) Can we be Affiliates?

Unless your site amazes me, I will take the initiative by inviting you. Sorry, I do not like flooding my link database with too many links. Links in the database are subject to removal at any time.

3) Why are your PNGs/Renders so large?

I try to extract large images for people who will use the PNGs/Renders to make wallpapers or layout headers.

4) What is transparent PNG?

Transparent PNG is image with anime character or some sort objects with its background removed. This creates less work when making graphics.

5)  Can I submit PNGs/Renders?

Sure and don’t worry, full credit will be given. Just keep in mind: The PNG(s) must be extracted by you and must be a transparent *.png file! Please br sure to state where you found the image(s) and the respective series it is/they are from.

6) I’d like to see more of [insert name].

If you want to see new or more of a certain series/character just submit a request via contact form.

7) Can I make a request?

If you want a PNG extracted for you, just fill out the form and you will have your PNG in a few days. Just keep in mind: To only request something if you plan to use it, don’t go overboard with the requests, and if your image has multiple characters/objects, please specify which one(s) you would like me to keep and which one(s) you would like me to cut out. I DO NOT do personalized graphic requests.

8)  Do I have to link back?

Yes, it is required you give credit, since the admin of Hakanai Paper worked hard to supply visitors graphic goodness.

9) How often do you update?

As often as I can, and when I have completed a fair amount of PNGs to upload. I do not have a definite update schedule. I do update multiple PNGs on these special days – Site’s Anniversary (Oct. 6), Founder’s Birthday (Mar. 28), and Christmas (Dec. 25). If you don’t see updates for a while, that might mean something more important is taking up my time. It also might be that I’m just too lazy to update.

10) Will you help me with [insert problem]?

Maybe. It depends on if I have time!

11) You haven’t replied to my email…

I check my email almost every day, it could be that I haven’t received it because my email forwarder sends mail from my sites to the junk/spam bin sometimes. So if I haven’t replied in over 3 days, please send it again.

12) Can I be a part of Hakanai Paper’s staff?

Sorry, I can manage the site fine just fine by myself. If you feel like contributing, feel to submit your PNGs.

13) Can you recommend me some anime?

Sure thing! Just tell me what genre you are looking for and I’ll try my best to help you out.

More questions? Please use the contact form. Thank you.