Terms Of Use

By downloading and/or using any of the graphics provided on Hakanai Paper, you are confirming your agreement to the terms of use below.

❖ General

  • Always give credit and link back to http://hakanai-paper.net when downloading anything from the site.
  • Do not claim, alter, or redistribute any of my graphics as your own.
  • Do not direct or hot link anything on Hakanai Paper.
  • Do not hotlink - save and upload the images to your own host (photobucket, tinypic, imageshack... etc.)

❖ Icons

  • Icons cannot be edited/altered in any way.
  • Do not direct link my icons.
  • Blank icons are not icon bases, so don't make your own icons out of them.
  • Do not redistribute/claim my icons as yours.
  • Please credit back.

❖ Icon Bases

  • You can use icon bases to design your own icons.
  • Do not direct link my icon bases.
  • Do not redistribute/claim my icon bases as yours.
  • Please credit back.

❖ PNGs/Renders

  • Use the PNGs/Renders to make your own graphics/designs.
  • Do not direct link my PNGs/Renders.
  • Do not steal my PNGs/Renders thumbnails.
  • Do not redistribute/claim my PNGs/Renders as yours.
  • If you use PNGs/Renders to make layouts, credit Hakanai Paper in the layout navigation credit section.
  • Please credit back.

❖ PSDs & Textures

  • These are resources used to help aid your creative process for icon-making.
  • You may use the PSDs for color effects for icons.
  • You many use Textures to decorate your icons.
  • Do not direct link my PSDs or Textures.
  • Do not redistribute/claim my PSDs or Textures as yours.
  • Please credit back.


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