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Moonie Power

Posted On November 22, 2015 5 comments. Archives

OMG, An Update! I hope everyone enjoyed thier Halloween and is currently enjoying thier Thanksgiving break—next is Christmas!

I know I am enjoying this wonderful warm weather, palm trees, and sunny skies in Texas versus the snow back home in my city.

I decided to update the layout and change the series to Sailor Moon. I was feeling kind of girly and wanted to use a shoujo childhood anime favorite series of mine. I couldn’t think of what anime series to use so I went down the nostalgia road.

It’s like you can never go wrong with featuring Sailor Moon. Let me know what you guys think?


Dye’s gravatar

On November 29, 2015 Dye said:

Hello Brandi,
Long time no online talk! LOL How have you been? I’ve been busy. I’m still busy, but I miss graphic designing and whatnot online. Sooo, I decided to take Beguiler off hiatus!

I like the new additions! Sailor Moon! Ah, how nostalgic! That was my first anime that I knew was anime. Watched it in the 4th grade back in the day (okay, I just made myself sound old). Still one of my favorite animes of all time.

Well, I’m off to visit my other link exchanges before I run out of energy (found out I had Lymes Disease. Don’t worry! I’m being treated. ^_~). TTYL!

Khai’s gravatar

On November 29, 2015 Khai said:

I like your layout sailor moon is my favorite anime, and you have a very wide selection of Pngs i expect to see more soon~

Lucien-Nijiko’s gravatar

On November 30, 2015 Lucien-Nijiko said:

Welcome back to you too!!
I love the new additions; I have yet to design using my brand new MacBook Pro, but your renders may be the right pull. It feels like forever since I designed something, but I’m eager to get seriously back into Photoshop. :)

I am also always scared every time I change site name, but the excitement usually overcomes the “fear”; plus, I know I wouldn’t feel right keeping the old stale one so I “push” myself into the change.
I actually checked all three of my old sites names: was the only unavailable one of the three, while Rengyou didn’t appeal to me all that much anymore. :p

My Sherlock DVD box has been shipped today, it should arrive before December 10th; I can’t wait, I’ve been wanting to watch the series for a while. Luckily the whole three seasons have less than 10 episodes each, or the box would have surely costed much more. xD
You’re into Dexter?…That is actually one series who never grabbed me, I don’t know why; I’ve never even felt like checking out some episodes. It has just no appeal to me. :(

Lucien’s gravatar

On December 7, 2015 Lucien said:

I moved my MacBook to the desk in the end, also because the “manual” said that soft surfaces can cause issues to its cooling system and I didn’t want to risk it.
The disturb showed up again, once, and I realized it could be caused by a couple of old (years-old) videos I have saved on both YT and my HDD; aside from that, the Mac is awesome. :) :)

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