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Posted On August 12, 2015 15 comments. Archives

Oh my it’s been a while!

I’ve been so busy with life and am happy to say this Sunday I am graduating with my Associates degree in Graphic Design (then in March of 2016 with my Bachelors). I am like super proud of myself.

A happy congratulations to me! Friends, family, and of course myself am very proud me! This has been a long college journey for me and I am almost happy I am done with school. I can’t wait to graduate and start my career as a professional graphic designer. No longer will i just be designing for fun.


Chazz’s gravatar

On August 24, 2015 Chazz said:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! whoaaaa you’re getting your Bachs too! all the best!

Lysianthus’s gravatar

On August 27, 2015 Lysianthus said:

Congratulations, Brandi! :)

Logan’s gravatar

On September 12, 2015 Logan said:

Congratulations! Moving on to bigger and better things :D

Monique’s gravatar

On September 17, 2015 Monique said:

hey how are you? hope all is well..

Lucien-Nijiko’s gravatar

On October 9, 2015 Lucien-Nijiko said:

Long time no see, Brandi; how are you? Me I’m so swamped I feel almost like I’m six feet under. xD

Btw, Lovedrug transformed into Akairo and was updated; please , update my link and come check the new site. :)

Lucien-Nijiko’s gravatar

On October 9, 2015 Lucien-Nijiko said:

Enigmaticons is back with a new look and new additions; come check. :)

ANONYMOUS’s gravatar

On October 22, 2015 ANONYMOUS said:

You really should come back to this website because now there aren’t any more good graphic sites (only a few are left!)

Rii’s gravatar

On October 22, 2015 Rii said:

this awesome the site’s still alive.congrats on the graduating. updating is really hard for me to do xD I get bored and lazy and end up not actually updating. But good luck!

Megori’s gravatar

On October 22, 2015 Megori said:

mmm *___* updating is always good but so time consuming. xD Good luck with it and congrats on graduating

Yui’s gravatar

On October 22, 2015 Yui said:

Great site you have here! I love your site design it’s very trendy and the color scheme works unexpectedly well.

Shini’s gravatar

On October 22, 2015 Shini said:

Good luck on the graduating. c:

Ruksi’s gravatar

On October 22, 2015 Ruksi said:

good luck!

Naomi’s gravatar

On October 22, 2015 Naomi said:

Good luck with the graduating and updating

Rei’s gravatar

On October 22, 2015 Rei said:

Prepare for your site to be be stalked by moi and congrats :P

Reina’s gravatar

On October 22, 2015 Reina said:

Keep up the good work. Anywhere I could exchange link with you?

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