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Posted On May 16, 2015 10 comments. Archives

Hey everyone!

I hope all is well. This break from school was long over due and really needed. I’m currently visiting in Texas and the food here is great, the people are nice, and i am spending quality time with loved ones, i couldn’t ask for a better vacation.

I’ve been doing so many exciting things, swimming, going to a carnival, eating delicious foods, spending time with my two favorite people in the world—my mom and little sister—and best of all going to see my favorite music artist Drake in concert today!


Miria’s gravatar

On May 24, 2015 Miria said:

Thats great you’re enjoying yourself :D Take since time to relax and enjoy yourself you deserve it! And the portfolio looks awesome :) Sorry I left you a long msg on your chat when I realized I could’ve just commented… xP Hope you’re well :)

Shane’s gravatar

On May 25, 2015 Shane said:

Hiii enjoy your week off school lol. Your portfolio looks pretty good btw (:

Lucien’s gravatar

On May 25, 2015 Lucien said:

It was funny (the proposals’ refusals made me laugh like crazy too xD), but to me it was mostly childish; it’s something I’d suggest watching to my 9-years-old niece.

As for new plans for my sites, well…Engimaticons is just born, so I only plan to make more icons; as for Lovedrug, I have a few ideas, which involve my nickname as well. ^^
I’ve grown tired of the nickname Lucien—I’ve been using it for years now—and I’ve created several site projects under a different webname; since I don’t plan to renew Lovedrug’s hosting package (due date is June 2015), I will probably move LD’s content to the new site and practically start fresh….once again. :p

Miria’s gravatar

On May 25, 2015 Miria said:

My revamp is completed hun

Linzz’s gravatar

On May 30, 2015 Linzz said:

Fakir is forever a prince to me.

Pim’s gravatar

On May 30, 2015 Pim said:

hi brandi how are you? that’s cool you’re on vacation.

Karen’s gravatar

On October 22, 2015 Karen said:

Dx I can never match up to your standards, I must try harder! I’m already loving’ this layout.

(Nabs icons and flees)

Megori’s gravatar

On October 22, 2015 Megori said:

The icons are so cute. They look so bold and refreshing.

Bad’s gravatar

On October 22, 2015 Bad said:

Oh damn. Your website is awesome. ;~;
The layout is the sexiest thing ever and the icons look very nice.

Sebum’s gravatar

On October 22, 2015 Sebum said:

Dropping by :)

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