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Summer’s Around The Corner

Posted On May 5, 2017 15 comments. Archives

Hey you guys! long time no update.

Can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months since my last update *gasp*! That seems just so un-real for me. I’ve just been super busy working (bills must be paid) and just living life!

In the meantime be on the look out for a new update some time soon within the next few weeks or so! You can connect with me social media and stay in touch with me there if you want!

Also if you guys have the chance, please vote in the site poll to the left. I really would love feedback to see what people like to use and out of curiosity if they like using this site. Thanks!

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    Jeannie’s gravatar

    On May 7, 2017 Jeannie said:

    Haaaiii! Lol hey still remember me? Jeannie from Bittersweeted :D I’ve been site hopping today, trying to find the old anime/graphic sites and I finally found yours. Your graphics look amazing now! The site looks really stunning.

    It’s really sad how many sites died out though :[ I really want to come back and reopen my site, but I’m starting uni this year and def won’t have much time D: Hopefully sometime this year though.. I can get it going.

    Good luck with getting all your stuff done!

    Krisitin’s gravatar

    On May 7, 2017 Krisitin said:

    We all need extended breaks sometimes (: I hope yours treats you well. Good luck with your work stuff.

    Yukie’s gravatar

    On May 7, 2017 Yukie said:

    Hope your holidays were excellent and I can’t wait to see whats in store after you’re done being “dead” xD

    Tuly’s gravatar

    On May 7, 2017 Tuly said:

    YAY, I can comment now. XD
    I was looking to comment, but couldn’t find any..XD

    First of all, this layout is amazing. Simple, yet so beautiful. The coding is LOVE

    Dee’s gravatar

    On May 7, 2017 Dee said:

    Hey Brandi! We haven’t talked for a while dear. I miss you! I hope you’re doing great. This layout if totally love! I can’t never make something simple work like you do, lol. The colors are really pleasing to the eye. ♥ I’m doing ok.

    Amanda’s gravatar

    On May 7, 2017 Amanda said:

    Hiya Brandi!!
    Sorry for not dropping by so much!!!
    I’ve been so busy =A= but finally my exams are over!!!
    I’ve found out that I’m going to be so much more busy this summer and next school year. Though this school year hasn’t ended quite yet!
    Glad to hear from you, I love the whole feel of the layout!! So beautiful
    I’ll try to be back soon, it’s just a lot of things to do all at once, but slowly & surely I shall arrive
    Just like you, I’ve not designed anything for so long, but unlike you my design skills have deteriorated OTL
    Miss you loads, hope to talk soon!!

    Lucien’s gravatar

    On May 9, 2017 Lucien said:

    I’m good, thank you; I’ve gone on a dvd-binge-watch frenzy again, watching about a dozen dvds in 2 days!! :D

    P.S. = Gotta love people who link their long dead and gone sites in the comments. lol lol

    Tay’s gravatar

    On May 9, 2017 Tay said:

    love your site! would you like to be affies?

    Haruto’s gravatar

    On May 9, 2017 Haruto said:

    Huhu~ Wir sind eine neue Fairy Tail Staffelpage und suchen eine Partnerschaft :3

    Tiffany’s gravatar

    On May 9, 2017 Tiffany said:

    great site! :)

    Cristina Cocioaba’s gravatar

    On May 10, 2017 Cristina Cocioaba said:

    Heeey. Summer is close but here in Romania feels like autumn. It’s been raining for days and we are really full of it. I can’t wait for good weather. and sunrays and sunshine.

    It’s ok if you take time and live your life. I’ve been taking a break for a month because I just haven’t felt like staying online, and it’s ok. I am happy that I took time to figure things out and live life.

    Wow, those are a big amount of updates.

    Lucien’s gravatar

    On May 11, 2017 Lucien said:

    My last comment got lost (didn’t show up).

    I watched Oceania (Disney’s Moana), Godzilla 2014, In the Heart of the Sea, Blackhat and pretty much all MCU movie—went on a sort of marathon with those. xD

    Michelle’s gravatar

    On May 12, 2017 Michelle said:

    Summer is coming up! Woot!

    Cristina Cocioaba’s gravatar

    On May 18, 2017 Cristina Cocioaba said:

    I will return your comment here, I hope you don’t mind:
    Yeah, it an become very hard to use. And sometimes all those useless things bother me very much. I need a clean app. Here is Romania we use Facebook for everything: getting our news, school groups and events, going out events, communicating etc. It basically used for everything, so I can’t give it up, but sometimes it just gets me really tired. I followed you on instagram too

    MMY’s gravatar

    On May 29, 2017 MMY said:

    hello, i’m fine. how are you? :)

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