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Happy February, Folks

Posted On January 31, 2017 14 comments. Archives

Hey everyone! Man, the months are going by fast! How has everybody been?

So I’ve been really busy with life things, as of lately but still managing to find the time to update my website (yay me!) I’ll do my best to add more content for future updates.

Things have been a little crazy. My resolution for this year is to: Keep Hakanai Paper alive and going. It’s just so much to do and so little time. I have so many pngs I’ve been meaning to add its ridiculously! In the mean time I have a lot of e-mails in my inbox and chatbox messages I need to get too.

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    Dee’s gravatar

    On January 31, 2017 Dee said:

    Nothing is never too late! I miss you! Gosh, I haven’t talked to you in so long. I really miss everyone. How’s life treating you?

    Sarah’s gravatar

    On February 1, 2017 Sarah said:

    Just stopping by to say hello! I really luv getting my images from here!

    Jade’s gravatar

    On February 1, 2017 Jade said:

    I miss you! Its been way too long since we’ve last talked! I don’t log onto DevART as much as I would like to, and I hope you’re still producing those amazing drawings you always do! I hope you’re doing great dear, and you should definitely update soon, lol. *hugs*

    Nelson’s gravatar

    On February 1, 2017 Nelson said:

    i like your concept you have really amazing themes, keep it up.

    Martin’s gravatar

    On February 1, 2017 Martin said:

    Hi, Brandi. Really like the new look (since purple is my favorite color)!

    Konoko14’s gravatar

    On February 1, 2017 Konoko14 said:

    Great hearing from you^^ the new name i love it,
    I like the page header. Yes eventually we’ll see you again take care Bran.

    Thy’s gravatar

    On February 1, 2017 Thy said:

    The new layout looks so nice! And the icons are amazing! :3

    Chazz’s gravatar

    On February 1, 2017 Chazz said:

    OMG I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT IT’S SO PRETTY!!-faints for bangzelo’s cuteness- i totally in love with your site ^^

    Sabby’s gravatar

    On February 2, 2017 Sabby said:

    Hahaha Thanks!:D I absolutely love your layout! It’s so colorful!:D

    Monique’s gravatar

    On February 2, 2017 Monique said:

    Love your website, your layout is beautiful.

    Cristina’s gravatar

    On February 2, 2017 Cristina said:

    Wow, you have a really nice layout. How did you do the navigation? I love it

    Beck’s gravatar

    On February 3, 2017 Beck said:

    aww your site is too cute!

    Lucien’s gravatar

    On February 22, 2017 Lucien said:

    Thanks for the info. :)
    I just tried Komodo Edit a few hours ago, but the color picker didn’t show up (it should appear when hovering on a color, yet nothing happened) on my screen….maybe because I was trying it on a Mac. Luckily, I’ve found a seemingly good free alternative (on called Brackets.

    Btw, how’s life going for you? Right now I’m feeling pi*sy—but I always do during my monthly female days. :P

    Lucien’s gravatar

    On April 3, 2017 Lucien said:

    I’m doing good; I’ve been on a wallpaper frenzy—I already uploaded about 10 walls on my deviantART andI’m bringing them back to Hakanai and Ast3rism as well. :P

    I wasn’t sure about watching that movie—all other movies based on anime series have been absolute crap, plus I don’t like Scarlett Johansson all that much—but after what you said I’m definitely checking it out when it comes up on tv. :)

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