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Early Halloween Treats

Posted On October 1, 2016 11 comments. Archives

Hey people of the interwebs? How’s everyone enjoying this October weather? Do you have any upcoming plans for Halloween? I know I do!

Anyways, to get into the spirit of the upcoming scary holiday Halloween, I decided to dish out some early Halloween graphic goodies and resources. So you all can make some spookylicious graphics.

Enjoy creating some festive Halloween graphics. If you do please share with me, I’d love to see. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween this year.

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    Cristina’s gravatar

    On October 3, 2016 Cristina said:

    I love the textures Maybe I will try something for halloween. I never designed something specific for the holidays

    Lucien’s gravatar

    On October 3, 2016 Lucien said:

    Hi there i-sis, been a while; how’s going? I’m more busy than ever (updating Enigmaticons in a few days time).
    I LOVE the color you’re using, they’re perfect for the incoming Fall season. :)

    I was browsing (read *leeching* :p) your credits page and saw the Photoshop CS3-4-5 links….thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! :) :) :D
    I recently bought a new Windows laptop and didn’t want to install Ps CC, so your links to older versions come in handy. xD
    Take care.

    DeeDee’s gravatar

    On October 3, 2016 DeeDee said:

    I really adore your new Halloween layout! Sooo cute. 😄 Have a good Halloween! 🎃

    UKDevilz’s gravatar

    On October 3, 2016 UKDevilz said:

    I love your Halloween icons!

    Sammi’s gravatar

    On October 3, 2016 Sammi said:

    Hey brandi! love the layout

    Lucien’s gravatar

    On October 3, 2016 Lucien said:

    Love the new renders, I’m definitely gonna use them when Halloween comes. :)

    Jessica’s gravatar

    On October 5, 2016 Jessica said:

    Can never get the chatbox to work for me. Lol.
    I like the new haloween theme! I hope everything is doing well.

    AienaInspiritB’s gravatar

    On February 2, 2017 AienaInspiritB said:

    I loike ur layout.

    Ran’s gravatar

    On February 2, 2017 Ran said:

    hey :D lovely homepage! i was wondering whether you’d like to affiliate? :D

    jhwanSL’s gravatar

    On February 2, 2017 jhwanSL said:

    I love your Yongguk layout! it’s so pretty and your site layout is amazing! it looks so special!

    Monique’s gravatar

    On February 2, 2017 Monique said:

    I love your layout, it’s clean and professional. Very nice graphics.

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