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The Return

Posted On June 15, 2016 15 comments. Archives

Hey everyone, after a two day revamp Hakanai Paper is back with a new look.

I grew tired of my previous site design and wanted a more fresher look.

You can search for a series quicker by using the series search box instead of scrolling up and down the list looking for a specific series (it took me some time to make implement this feature lol).

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    Frost’s gravatar

    On June 26, 2016 Frost said:

    Am I the only one who noticed that the sidebar stuff is cool. Nice new implementation keep it up (^_~)/

    Melisa’s gravatar

    On June 26, 2016 Melisa said:

    Awesome come back! it’s great to have you back. so glad to see the site site up and I know you have a lot on your hands too! best of luck with everything here!

    Mocha’s gravatar

    On June 26, 2016 Mocha said:

    I was looking through your icons, and I LOVE them!

    It’s beautiful!

    Keep up the great work! :)

    Lysianthus’s gravatar

    On June 27, 2016 Lysianthus said:

Hey there,. Your site is awesome. * u * I have been using some of your icons for a while now. Good job there. :) Keep it up! Also, I am using your site for inspiration (for my own site). Your layouts are awesome, too! (^^)b

    Lily’s gravatar

    On June 27, 2016 Lily said:

    hiii!! lol i haven’t heard from you in a while XD how are you??
    but goodness.. that’s a lotta avatars.. i love the animated gif ones… soooo cute heehee i haven’t watched anime for like years now, but this series looks good.. maybe i’ll check up one it

    Nisa’s gravatar

    On June 27, 2016 Nisa said:

    I really like your icon-style. Really ‘catchy’ and bright.

    Hiro’s gravatar

    On June 28, 2016 Hiro said:

    Nice layout! ^_^

    Rachel’s gravatar

    On June 28, 2016 Rachel said:

    This layout is beautiful—love the colours :)

    Calls’s gravatar

    On June 28, 2016 Calls said:

    Hey Katherine! Wow I love the new layout! A really nice setting I must say

    Serephia’s gravatar

    On June 28, 2016 Serephia said:

    Wow, this new layout is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see moooore =] Welcome baaack! =D

    Konoko14’s gravatar

    On June 28, 2016 Konoko14 said:

    Gosh! I haven’t stopped by in a while! Love the new layout! Like the stars effect, very nice…

    Ongaku’s gravatar

    On June 28, 2016 Ongaku said:

    awww GITS layout

    Master Pogi’s gravatar

    On June 28, 2016 Master Pogi said:

    Hey! This layout really rocks…nicely done! I posted this at school so I can’t give you much feedback…but it’s great nonetheless!

    Pogi’s gravatar

    On June 28, 2016 Pogi said:

    Wow you’re back! This layout is designed perfectly and you pulled off the starry look PERFECTLY. Nice new updates and take care

    Lucien’s gravatar

    On July 13, 2016 Lucien said:

    I LOVE the new look, especially the header—Hikaru looks very badas*. :D
    In the meantime Hakanai was finally updated as well with real additions; come take a peek. :)

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