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Website & Coding

  • Squidix - providing quality web hosting.
  • Namecheap - buy domain names for cheap.
  • Histats - online visitor tracking.
  • Chatbox - a live chat application for your site.
  • Dynamic Drive - original DHTML & Javascripts to enhance your web site.
  • New Place - PHP scripts written by Julie.
  • Code Grrl - PHP/MySQL scripts, tutorials and much more.
  • Girls Who Geek -  a tutorial site featuring a wide range of tutorials from basics of HTML to complex PHP scripts.
  • Geek Girl Life - a blog with helpful tutorials.
  • Marco Folio - a blog with helpful tutorials.
  • FanUpdate - a free news publishing system for your website.
  • Jems PHP Mail Form - an free PHP contact mail form.


  • Dafont - archive of freely downloadable fonts.
  • 1001 Fonts - download free fonts for private and commercial use.

Extractors & Donators

Note: If I forgot to credit you for something, I apologize. Please contact me and I will put your link up ASAP.