The Site

Hakanai (adj.): transient or ephemeral / Paper (noun): material for writing, drawing, or printing.
Opened: January 3, 2015

History: Hakanai Paper was a remake of my previous graphic site--which in turn was a remake of the site before that. Both previous sites sprung up as a result of my involvement with creating anime fan sites back in 2003, which led to my exposure to anime/manga graphic sites. Hakanai Paper goal is to providehigh quality graphics (largely anime/manga) to a wide range of people on the internet for use on sites/blogs and the within the online anime community. In addition to graphics, it also aims to provide useable resources that can be used by others to enhance their own graphics.= This is my most sucessful and long-term anime graphic site, and continues to grow in both quantity and quality. The result is what you are seeing now.

Past Designs

Below are all of Hakanai Paper's previous layouts. Feel free to look through and see how it has evolved. (Hovering over the image will tell you the version of the layout.)

The Girl

Name: Brandi
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Birthday: March 28th
E-mail: brandi.ross28 [at] gmail [dot] com
Sites: Design Portfolio, MyAnimeList
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Hi I'm Brandi, a designer from the U.S. When I'm not designing professionally I'm enjoying anime movies on a consistent basis, watching the occasional anime series, and manga reading is a rarity. If I get a series recommendation or if it peeks my interest I'll definitely give it a try.

I've always been quite the creative type. My web design journey began in the early 2000s when I first got exposed to anime and eventually manga. This led me to create my own anime fansites (these were popular at the time), which then led me to creating anime graphic sites.

Design quickly went from a hobby to a passion. I went to college and studied Visual Communications earning my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. I love designing branding/identity, illustration, print, user interface and web design. My style is minimalism, using negative spaces, and basic elements.

On a side note, I am particularly fond of photography, drawing, cats, creative blogging and have a huge appreciation for coffee, summerheat, and graphic tees. ♥