The Site

Hakanai (adj.): transient or ephemeral
Paper (noun): material for writing, drawing, or printing.
Opened: January 3, 2015

History: Hakanai Paper was a remake of my previous graphic site--which in turn was a remake of the site before that. Both previous sites sprung up as a result of my involvement with creating anime fan sites back in 2003, which led to my exposure to anime/manga graphic sites. Hakanai Paper goal is to providehigh quality graphics (largely anime/manga) to a wide range of people on the internet for use on sites/blogs and the within the online anime community. In addition to graphics, it also aims to provide useable resources that can be used by others to enhance their own graphics.= This is my most sucessful and long-term anime graphic site, and continues to grow in both quantity and quality. The result is what you are seeing now.

Past Designs

Below are all of Hakanai Paper's previous layouts. Hovering over the image will tell you the version of the layout.

The Girl

Name: Brandi
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Location: Chicago
Birth Date: March 28th
E-mail: message me
Sites: Portfolio, Shop, MyAnimeList,
Social Media:            
I had discovered web design when I was around 13 years old, and been active in the anime graphics community since 2005. My love for art and drawing since my youth, and passion for graphic and web development lead me to major in college as a Graphic Designer and earn my BS in Visual Communications.

Before Hakanai Paper, I had created various graphic and fan sites that allowed me to improve on my design and coding skills. I learned about html/css on my own and over the years, increased my knowledge in coding. Soon after, I learned to create my own graphics and started with Adobe Photoshop CS3. Attending college classes gave me an even more extensive background on designing and programming. My design portfolio is where I dable with WordPress.

Hakanai Paper is my playground for me to continue to practice and experiment with the latest trends in design and icoding, while incorporatig anime into my designs. When I'm not being 'creative' and working on a personal project, I'm either watching anime, tv shows, out and on-the-go, reading, or just designing for fun.

Feel free to contact me with any feedback or questions. Or you can drop me a message on the chatbox if you want to chat. I hope you enjoy your visit to Hakanai Paper. Any critiques (good or bad), feedback, tips, comments, advice, is always appreciated.